Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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Could you make a sexified super smash bro character? How about Robin, captain falcon or toon link?

- Maybe

Can you do Pixar? Like Sully or somethin’ like that…

- Nope

Can you make an albert wesker? Thanks!

- I had a look and no.

wod human? ;)

- Are the males out yet :O

Hey ^^ i love your site! I visit it often! Could you tell me where did you found the werewolf skin and its sex animations plz? (from your video colossal cocks II) Thanks in advance!!! And continue like that :)

- It is all in the nasty creatures mod..,

really loved your community story video! thanks for doing ulfberth x falk firebeard! you should do some more of them sometime, it was so hot :)

- I was happy to do it

What about some sexy Skaarj from Unreal Tournament? ;)

- Done!

How did you get the male flame atronoch(or however it’s spelled) model?

- I googled male flame atronach

did you post a mod list of fallout nv? if not can you post them?

- SexNG and SexKey

What about skyrim guards? I love their voices.

- What about them oO

I found you recently I love your videos *.* Now I see you’re making more with characters of videogames, like Dante, Deadpool, etc. Can you make more videos in that way? With games like Resident Evil, I love it :3 Thank you for share your awesome job!

- I cant Im afraid. Im bound by the mods

Thanks all for ur questions! <3 pls let me know what u want to see

Deadpool in Skyrim dancing to Daft Punk… immersions broken