Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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The Sims 4: Sexy time

Possible new Skyrim fucks atm, I don’t even know half of the chars :o Anyway, the results of the last poll:

well that is surprising, WoW might pick up in November when the new models are live, I do not wanna do the current blocky ones.

A third of others were LoL.. guess it is time for rerun edits of old ones… there are alot of LoL pics

How do you get Estrus to work with male characters?

- You have to change it from female to male in MCM (press ESC and press mod configuration)

Could we have some more orcs, sounding, tentacles, and size difference? I love your work and sounding+Tentacles just sounds fantastic~

- Sure I can do more of that. So so very much to do in Skyrim… hard to decide what to do next ~_~

hi! was just wondering if there are possibly any more character mods from the dragon age series or dynasty warriors? for hopefully future gayme vis:)

- I’ve always been in love with Anders and Alistair so looking at those at some point

Do you buy the sims 4??

- Yes I did.

Could I perhaps request Valga from Hyrule Warriors, please?

- No need, it has been done 

If it´s possible, could you make something with Super Buu? Or if you know someone who could make a playermodel with him for Skyrim, that would be nice too :D

- Wow, I do like that jelly look he’s got! Haven’t seen any player models of him anywhere… I might have to put a peen on that tho <3

Could I request some Ellis from L4D2?

- Well he is cute, I’ll try to do something

Human males are out. Blizzard put chest hair. hot ;)

- Yep they are! The 3D viewer on wowhead has a very sad looking male human tho :( made me all floppy :O

Any version of Ganondorf (zelda series) in Skyrim?

- Haven’t seen any

Simple request (I think): Screenshot(s) of Hayabusa on his knees with his arms behind his back, to give the impression he’s bound, and surrounded by assorted hard-ons.

- It is doable, does take alot of time to organize all the chars etc.

Tried to donate to your tip jar, but possibly some settings in your account only allow donations from actual paypal funds. Maybe it’s just me..

- There is a “pay with credit card” option lower on the page

Is Ryu Raw going to be a one-shot, or will there be more?

- I’m not certain, I get very few requests

PLEASE do more Geralt! Make him the top next time :3

- He is the top in a scene of the next Cross Gaymer vid

Could you possibly make something using a different render for Kazuya from Tekken?

- Don’t really like him… looks so angry all the time :(

Oh my gosh. Please more Garrus Vakarian!!

- Maybe :)