Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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mmoboys @ (prefered format is PNG)

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is there any particular reason you can't just post your videos directly on tumblr? sorry if this is a dumb question with an easy answer, I'm not very tumblr-fluent yet ;w;

Videos are limited to 150 mb, most my vids are much larger than that :(


Howdy peeps. I fear I’ve modded my Skyrim to pieces and I’m getting crashes in towns and places with alot of NPCs so I’ll have to hold off on the Nord thief story until I get things fixed :(

Hey! Can you do some work for the game Defiance? If you could please do some about Joshua Nolan or Torc Mok.

- I’ll have a look at that. What is the character creator like in that game? 3rd person view? Can you take your clothes off?

more geralt of rivia needs to happen!

- Hmm, how about Geralt of Skyrim ^.^ (Taking suggestions on who to pair him up with)

Any chance of more Tekken stuff? Maybe different renders of some characters you’ve done already like King or Jin?

- Yes, I’ll do more Tekken

you do great work, sorry your vid go taken down :( it was great

- Thank you, due to the randomness of bans on Xtube (probably “str8” dudes scared of getting excited by some hot m/m action lol) I’ll be posting on Xvideos instead. Their video processing time is also much faster than Xtube’s.

could you make vilkas & farkas with vilkas as the bottom?

- Yes I can. Look for for those two getting it on in the next Fuck Buddies flick