Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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Where did you get the footjob mods for Skyrim?

- SexLab, which can be found at Loverslab

Could you put Hayabusa in the fuck machine you used on Master Chief in the Cross Gayme VI video, if it’s not too much to ask?

- Well since you ask so politely I shall do it

Can you link me to some mods for the sims 4 please?

- here

Can you do Ike again but with a boner?

- Ok

The sims 4 huge cock mod, where can i find them?

- The rly huge cock is photoshop ;/

did you make those huge cock mods? if so where can I find them? Or did you photoshop them?

- Sims 4? No mod only PS

Hey I was wondering where does the mods you download go? Like what folder should it go in to be in the game?

- For sims 4 its the mods folder… its usually in documents etc

Wow Pandaren?

- Done one

Can you make a cock revealing Terra please ? Or other Kingdom Hearts boys please :3

- Can do some more, what kind of peen does Terra have btw?

How can I make my own dirty scenes? Is there software I can download? I’m not tech savey just horny

- Necessity is the mother of invention. I guess my horniness is stronger than my laziness :o. Anyway, what game are we talking about?

omg please more Dead or Alive x_x;;

- Yes. Ryu Haybusa inc atleast

Hello Can you tell me wich Mods you use to the sex pics Thanks i dont know? Where to find the Mods Thanks :-)

- I’m guessing this is abot Skyrim. You can find them on Nexusmods and Loverslab

Any chance of something of Bayman, Rig, or Brad Wong from DOA? Possibly on their Fighter Pack costumes? They wear a lot less in those. Like MMA shorts and stuff. I’d link a source of pics but I can’t link in questions :(

- Did Bayman, thank you so much for the fighter pack tip, really made google image search clearer, more coming.

hi, i was watching cross gayme 2 and i saw some sex positions that i haven’t seen before. is it possible for you to list every mod you use that has to do with sex animations? thank you.

- Update SexLab

What provocative pose mod do you always love using? and what pose mod did you use for the twink pose?

- I use Pinupposer and Haloposer

A nude picture of you plz :3

- But… I’m not a game character :o

leon kennedy in the next gayme vid? pretty please?

- Maybe, he is one of those characters that is always in some sort of swat suite :(

Are there any Kratos from God of War being fucked by monsters? If not do you think you can make monster sex with Kratos getting fucked by Cyclops, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Cerberus Dogs, Satyrs, and male Titans?

- I can put Kratos in a situation where he is being fucked by… well all the creatures in Skyrim

can you do some skyrim guards content? i like them :3

- Done that before tho…

Love the blog

- Thank you <3

Ok, I am norwegian by citizenship but… Finland takes the lead in gorgeous phys.ed. students posing *drool*


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