Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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mmoboys @ (prefered format is PNG)

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All those skimpy male armor mods has to be used in tandem with the practical female armor mod, don't you think? ;D

I read female and I tuned out :o

If you're making those cross game vids still, could you do the arbiter and the master chief together? (Both in their armor please?) I'd love to see that

Ill do the ones I have player mods to, no guarantees.

If you're making more 'cross gayme' I wanna see Gray Fox get chained up and/or plowed.

No worries there. He will get so plowed ull squirt


Used to love your tumblr, but now I’m starting to dislike it. You’re loosing quality and you’re starting to make mroe and mroe girly-like males for Skyrim…

- I do this blog mainly - except for the few commissions and requests - for myself so I do what I think is fun. I enjoy Skyrim modding atm so that is one of the things I will do, when I lose interest in that I’ll move on to other things. The quality has always been crap/mediocre with a glimpse of potential every 100th post or so.

Too girly? I’ll give u girly!


(disclaimer: if anybody want to see trans chars doing it in Skyrim pls let me know)

Think you can make FFXI’s Galka or FFXIV’s Roegadyn skyrim video? or just Roegadyn? (in case Galka tails can’t be done)

- That all depends on whether there is FFXIV mods for Skyrim. I shall check.

I love your work to pieces! And was wondering if you think there’ll be a Skyrim sex mod equivalent to the Sims 4, since the games are usually so heavily modded and if there is I was wondering if you’d maybe do videos of those from time to time? I’m sure a lot of your followers would approve, since male sims are so gorgeous with this iteration! Not sure if you make these mods yourself or if someone else does them. Was afraid to ask that. :P

- Thank you. I don’t do any mods myself but if and when the Sims 4 mods for gay sex is available I will make some movies of it.

Thanks for the new troll :) awesome

- Thanks, I always appreciate constructive criticism and that one was spot on. The first Troll was too huge.

Can u do sonic the hedgehog with cum and his ass wide open? Please

- No promises but if I find the right pic for it maybe

I always wished for Elin males is there a chance you could make an elin with a penis? lol I know it’s a weird ask xD sorry

- I dont have any nude mods for Elin so that might be hard. Anyone know of a Elin nude mod?

Hello MMOBoys. I first would like to thank you for Bruce Irvin. I sincerely appreciate that. Anyways only at your convenience. Could you make a video of Satan from Castlevania fucking Zack from Dead or Alive? If you decide to do so. Can you make where Zack wonders into an unknown room. Satan spots him, hynotizes him, and fucks him? I hope am not being a pain. If you don’t do the resquest, I will understand. Thanks for keeping you inbox open, even for those without tumblr. Peace

- A rather complicated request. The only Skyrim Castlevania mod I know of is for Alucard, no guarantee I can do anything with tho :o since Skyrim seems to crash everytime I try to have sex with him. He does look delicious tho…


Do you guys still do final fantasy stuff?

- I do commissions so please send me pics

MORE ARISHOK PLEASE. Maybe with Demon Orc? Well, it’s more of me begging than an actual question… But I NEED this, as I’m sure everyone else does, too.

- Arishok is hard since I cant modify his armor and hes got some silly groin flap as can be seen in the pic below. I’ll try tho!


Hey! Do you know where i can find a male aman nude mod?

- No idea :( Someone said they had it but haven’t heard from him/her again

Can you make more cross gayme?

- Yes I can and I will.

hi, i think you said one time that you won’t do female characters, right? Can you recommend anyone who’s doing work as good as yours but includes female characters sometimes?

- Nah, not interested in doing female chars at all.

Haven’t seen (and haven’t been looking) anyone doing photoshops of female game chars. You might have some luck at rule34 

Anyway thanks for all the questions and remarks!

My Skyrim is super broken still and crashes so much I won’t be able to do thief yet cos Im a noob…


here are some chars I’ll be doing for Cross Gayme II



What do you do to match the characters height during blowjob animations on skyrim?

I realign them using the Sexlab hotkeys for up/down, forward/back etc