Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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Some quicky questions:

do you mind if people edit your edits?

- Nope! I’d be a huge sad old hypocrite if I did :)

What makes a picture editable? In case I wanted to send something :-)

- Max graphics settings, lots of anti-alias, zoom in and use a screen cap program that lets you decide the pic format. Games tend to make their screenshots jpg :( I prefer png.

what do you use to record your skyrim porn videos?

- Fraps (for the screenshots too)

i did send pics of roegadyn, guess they weren’t good enough?

- The pic was ok, I’ve been horribly busy lately. I’ll get to it soon

QA and Info

more league of legends booty pls

- I can only do booty if the char is in a booty pose, and very very few (almost like none) are. If you have a LoL pic you want me to edit, please send it to mmoboys @ sci . fi

sorry that I asked about roegadyn requests

- Oh you don’t want the roegadyn pic anymore? o_O

Think you could do Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us?

- I had a quick google and seems there isn’t any suitable pics available. I do accept screenshots tho to the address I mentioned in the question above :)

More Dark Aman! xD And erected, pwease!

- But but, my next project was going to be a Aman/Castanic hybrid :o No good?

Hyrule Warriors is a Legend of Zelda game, so you might want to put a Legend of Zelda tag on your Valga image, just in case you do other LoZ related edit.

- Ok, I’ll keep that in mind

Can you by chance do an edit of a white werewolf from ESO please? ( I hope I’m not pestering too much with this request)

- Do you have a nice screenshot of that werewolf? I’d be happy to try it.

Can you do a Skyrim vídeo with Borkul the Beast (located in Cidhna Mine or Druadach Redoubt) and Durak (located in Fort Dawnguard) pretty please?

- I can do that when I have the time. There are _alot_ of requests for Skyrim vids atm, I am not entirely certain where I should begin :o

Love your blog!!!!!! Can you do Goofy from Kingdom hearts?

- Look at the end of the QA

Red Card Twisted Fate from League of Legends please! :)

- I think I can, it is a hard pic to do. No promises.

peenify some of the new warlords of draenor models?

- I did a couple of very very very horrible ones of a Tauren and a Draenei. I’ll do better with the orc.

will you be doing final fantasy14 monster flashes or guild wars 2 versions or both?

- Hmm, what do you mean by flashes?

Nude Iron Bull? I’m actually your fan forever <3

- No nude iron bull until the game is launched :o

please more dragons!!

- Skyrim dragons?

If you do request can you do a video with onmund?

- Yes I can do that in the future.

For your next Skyrim vid, can it be a ganrape? Big Orcs, in dick size, raping the hell out of the dragonborn or any character at all.

- Yes I will do more orcs.

Those vampire lords dicks scare the crap out of me. Isn’t there any scholong dicks for them?

- I know. It is a part of Loverslab creature features mod which is included in More Nasty Creatures. I fear I can only have certain mods installed at a time :( The same problem comes up with “I wan’t the X to be hairy”. I can only have a certain hairyness at a time :o

are there any bondage mods for skyrim? if so I wan’t hayabusa in bondage.

- There is! I don’t use the most involved one atm cos it messes stuff up for me (its on Loverslab and it’s called Devious Devices). I can however make ppl kneel and stuff with Puppetmaster.

I would like to say thank you for the Deadpool. It was awful nice of ya.

- It turned out good so Im happy.

I cannot seem to get the animations to work for skyrim, any tips?

- I will be making a new mod guide soon and it will be the last one I will ever make. Not to be rude but after I got a comment saying “ye you said FNIS was important but I didn’t install it” I got a bit emo about giving mod advice. Just to be clear… if you install any kind of animation mod u’ll probably need FNIS and you’ll need to run FNIS for users (located in data/tools)… ermergeeerd Im doing it again :O

Lars dick from tekken please?

- Yes.

More worgens from WoW, please?:3

- Yes.

My work list atm:

- Skyrim porn story
- Tera: Aman/Castanic hybrid
- Skyrim Monsterns III
- Green Lantern
- Virtua Fighter 5
- League of Legends: Yasuo
- Resident Evil: Piers II
- Resident Evil: Jake
- Crysis: Nanosuit

My commission list:

- Swtor: Chiss + tentacle pic from Avenier
- Swtor: Chiss + tentacle pic from Rocketmenstudio 

Aaand the pic I promised earlier ^-^