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The MMOBOYS Wildstar Beta review


Character creation: Pretty much predefined options with a slider system for the face.

+ Heavier option for body
+ Alot of different options, you can be “ugly” or “pretty”

- The mouth slider doesn’t give you those hungry, voluptuous blow job lips you want, it only makes your chin area bigger :/


(Spiky mordesh, I do wish they had nipples)

Gear: I only made it to level 20 but there was a variety of looks. I have big hopes for the gear tradeskills. I got plenty of tailor schematics (I myself was an armorer, that is heavy gear) so I didn’t get to try those out. Most importantly there is a toggle/replace costume system so the skimpiness is there if so desired.

+ Gear look variance
+ Skimpiness guarantee via the costume system
+ Dyes!

- Cant dye weapons

The crap part where I talk about gameplay:

Where games like SWTOR relies on a huge array of skills to pump out the adrenaline Wildstar does the positioning thing and it works. Moving out of the “red” area is it’s own challenge and alot of fun.

The dungeons I tried early lvl were challenging (I think they were dungeons oO) I soloed them and it did take some time. Died alot as spellslinger tho, as a warrior it was ez.

Final words: I love it, there is much to do, surprise butt sechs via the challenge system. I did have worries about it being a tad too on rails but I did find a hidden treasure area so there is some exploring in addition to the books etc. I love the housing system (I’ve never played a game with housing before) so that was a lot of fun. I did try to place a banana so I could have had some nice dildo penetration pics but it didn’t work so some perv minus points for that.


(Welcome to Fap Central, home of Fappo the Warrior)

Verdict: I will play this game, five penises!


(Super cute mice (?) dudes is always a plus)

Video of me playing badly… there is a fun brewing challenge in the end tho :)