Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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new pentakill morde pls? I’m begging you!

- Hmm did I miss something or did I just do that one oO

Can you please make something of Salvador the Gunzerker from Borderlands 2 and Kilowog from Green Lantern The Animated Series?

- I shall try, no promises

More Aman?

- Sup with the rocky cock love ;o ok ok more Aman inc.

have you seen the new league of legends pentakill band splash art? i think that is something with potential for you :3

- I didnt see any speshul good pics on the official site :o did I miss something again?

Could you please doodle up some Ares, Anhur, and Anubis from smite?? I would really appreciate it…

- Smite hasn’t really got that many good official pics

Is it hard for you to do a so called “CROSS FUCK”? I’d love to see one of a Castanic getting it of an AMan

- Lack of emotes in Tera so it is hard to get the right poses compared to Swtor which is emote paradise

Your slave sex video was awesome, but why was Baalgruf, the Beast, the Orc, so small in penis size?

- I know right, I was so dissapoint when I saw his cock, nice face tattoo tho

I tried your “tuturial, and it doesn’t work. Games crasehs, even with SKSE on it.

- I don’t mean to sound rude but… I figured it all out with google and although I want ppl to have fun in Skyrim I do not want to be a modding help desk :(

can you do pov skyrim sex?

- I tried to do some in my Ulfric sex slave vid, I’ll focus on that in my next vid.

Dark Elves from Lineage II please?

- I don’t play that game so if you could provide some nice pics? (mmoboys @

Heyyyyyy, think you can edit Super Galaxy Rumble from LoL? Thought you could since you’ve done Fizz before. SGR looks pretty good for one of your edits~~~

- I don’t play LoL so I have no idea what super galaxy rumpfest actually is but I have a look at their site frequently and I haven’t noticed any new pics, please send links to mmoboys @

Ok thats it for now. Im on my annual scandinavian 4 week summer vacation so I’ll be doing pics whenever Wildstar has downtime. Otherwise have nice summer peeps ^^ 

And I for the megacock fans! Quinton voluntered for the Czerka Enlarger MK-1 cock sphere… I do like the results, hope he doesnt have to buy many new pants