Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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a QA

do more league stuff man!

- Slowly running out of league stuffs :o

Hi there! Coud you do some Hellboy please?

- I shall try and find a suitable pic

arctic ops varus? :D

- Sorry I don’t speak latin :( EDIT: Lol ok, please try to mention the game aswell, sometimes my brain doesnt work (a normal problem for me cos I get constant blood rushes elsewhere)

You can make something of Olaf or Dr. Mundo please? Thanks

- I shall try

Would you consider doing something with Hildibrand and his suplexing friend? (FFXVI)

- I have no idea who they are. Send pix pls.

Are you planning on do more TERA?

- Got Aman in the queue atm

Can you make a cross game fuck? Like an Aman x Aman or Aman x Castanic? I really love your images. Such sexy dicks… We need more Aman from you! <3

- Sounds very complicated. It can ofc be done with PS but I’d need volunteers to make it happen.

can you please make more quinn from swtor and more andronikos revel, also could you post more body type 1 & 3, i would flip if you replied ^^

- Sure I can do 1 and 3, and certainly the comps.

u need to get a life.

- I like the one ive got

Can you do Mad Scientist Ziggs? or is that pic not sutable?

- Not suitable sorry

would you accept a request for some mass effect?

- Well I would, I am tho, very very very in awe of ME so… It would have to be perfect :o Kaidan <3 omg