Sexified male characters from various MMOs and some other games.

Most content is NSFW +18

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would you mind doing rise of the guardians porn ?

- I did have some looks but the main char seems to be very young

that feel when you’ve fallen in love with your khajiit’s muscular, furry chest :I

- I’ve never felt that way. Im a total Dunmer fan but I can see that <3

Can you do another Alistar pic?

- I’ve tried. No.

Will you post some nude pics of you ?

- Not as such but one of mine are in a pics ^^

So, you’re planning to do an Aman, soon? It doesn’t really need to be a Cross fuck, though. Also, what is the name of the progrm you use to edit those pics? I’d like to try it out someday.

- I do have one Aman in the works but it is a commission so its a hard pic to make, a lot of ps work alot more than than one of my LoL pix.

Hey, i sent you a pic a few days ago, can you do that on that pic? if you can send me back to my mail

- There will be no “only for me” requests fulfilled, unless you pay me alot (also the pic in question was not good for edits)

Just watched your video and it was amazing ! Its nice to see the work that goes behind your photos, keep them up! :D

- Than you! I should make a vid of a LoL pic, it would take days.

Yo, can you do more gods from SMITE?

- Which one would u like to see?

I’ve never requested anything like this before, but could you make some Atton Rand from KOTOR 2? You would really make my day ;)

- I don’t know about KOTOR2, I can how ever do SWTOR Rand